Jack Oblivian performed at the first Harbert Avenue Porch Show in 2012.  Jack and his band return for a command performance at the only porch show planned for 2018.  The each member of the Jack Oblivian Band is among the best rock and roll musicians in Memphis and is involved in many other groups.  Keith, Frank and Graham are the Sheiks. Keith and Frank are in a new band - Model Zero.  Frank is a member of EX-CULT and missed the Fourth Harbert Porch Show for an EX-CULT tour. Graham's bands include Winchester and the Ammunition, Cassette Set, Devil Train, and the Turnstyles. Seth Moody moved to Memphis in 2016 from Wilmington, NC (after a brief stop in Nashville that was memorable enough produce a song).  Seth and his wife Coco along with Jack and Graham are the Cassette Set.  The first performance of the Cassette Set was for the Sixth Harbert Porch Show.  If you need a classic rock and roll cover band for a party, this is the one to hire. In addition to the saxophone, Seth plays keyboards and lead guitar.  He is is also a member of the Turnstyles

Members of the Jack OBLIVIAN BAND


Facebook Videos of the Show



Many great photos were taken at the show.  This gallery contains photos of the band by Martha Todd Stephens, Judith Johnstone, Noel Delos Santos, Ron Peck and Jeanne Reynolds.  Scroll down to the next gallery to see photos of the crowd by the same folks.


These are photos of the crowd that were posted on Facebook after the show.

PRomotional Content for the Porch Show

This is a great video of a Jack Oblivian performance and is the first Memphis appearance of Seth Moody with the band.  Caution - the presenter uses language that could be considered offensive - so mute or skip the introduction if this is a problem.

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Ditch Road from the Goner Records Disco Outlaw album

Robert Jethro Wyatt was live - with Mark E. Stuart and 2 others.

Acoustic show at Otherlands March 3, 2018 - Mark Edgar Stuart, Graham Winchester and Jack Oblivian.  This is a rare chance to listen to Jack's songs without the band and focus on the lyrics.